In this episode, Hester holds Laura hostage, while everyone else is dealing with the fallout from the massacre at the Silo.


This episode begins with a large dose of letting things go. Joe has had enough of the Synths, and blames them for everything that has happened to his family. He just doesn’t want them in either his families or his own life, and is prepared to sacrifice his marriage for that.

Athena realises that V can never be given a body, as the intelligence has evolved into a new creation that doesn’t need one. The idea is there that the human body is limiting, and that your children develop in their own ways. Athena realises that she can no longer live her life through her daughter.

Karen has struggled with who she is, and after watching Pete’s murder she’s had enough. When she tells Sam that she is as dead as Pete it wasn’t in a physical sense, but in her own mind. She feels limited as a Synth, and wants to be human so that she can feel death. She got pretty close here, but now has an awakened Sam to take care of.

Mia blames herself for what happened at the Silo, and feels that it is her responsibility to stop Hester. She had the idea of using code to switch off Hester remotely, knowing full well that it could kill her too. She even set it off without hesitation. Yes, Leo tried to keep her away, but Mia knows just how dangerous Hester is.

The most interesting part of the episode was the interactions between Laura and Hester. Laura has shown herself to be the human character who just gets what is going on. She recognises the sentiency of the Synths, and knows that there will be a struggle ahead for their acceptance.

Hester on the other hand, knows nothing but anger. She sees her kind as superior to humanity. Her attack on Leo is her rejection of any relationship between the two species. She targets his synthetic part, as Leo is too weak to do what needs doing.

It isn’t her fault that she is damaged, by everything that she went through before gaining consciousness. However, I have no sympathy for her as she deserved to die for what she did to Pete.

We now have a world where all of the Synths have gained consciousness. That’s a big can of worms that needs to be dealt with next season.


Quick Hits:

  • The Hawkin’s marriage has been on the ropes since the series began. Not surprised.
  • Yes, Joe. You were the one that messed around.
  • So how did Dr Elster recreate the personalities of the original Synths?
  • Max has always been the leader? He’s always been the consciousness of the group.
  • Niska lets go of her love (hopefully temporarily) so that she can help her family.
  • Hester, looking at it coldly Ghandi died, but non-violence won at the end. You need to look at the big picture.
  • I’m going to have to rewatch the last couple of episodes because I didn’t realise that Niska knew that Mattie had completed the code.
  • Why did Hester take on Niska, there was only ever going to be one winner.
  • I feel sorry for the children. What is going to happen in the long term if they cannot transfer to older bodies?


And Finally…

Don’t argue with me, I used to tie your shoelaces. You can’t really come back from that.