Eve comes across a prophecy saying that she is going to be killed by a magical assassin. Jones, Stone and her find themselves in a set of tunnels.


This episode is all about the nature of prophecies and what you can do with the knowledge of what is going to happen in the future. The first question is, and it is the title of the episode so must be important. Are prophecies self-fulfilling?

The whole situation could have been solved by Eve and the Librarians doing nothing. She didn’t believe Jenkins, and anyway there was a mystery to solve. Baird was never staying in the library.

The cleverest part was how they handled prophecies were the door challenges. Eve knows that she is going to be killed by the Reaper so she is going to choose the right door, and Ezekiel knows that he is going to donate the coin to a museum, therefore it won’t get lightning bolted. You don’t often see this idea of “the universe is going to make sure that I get to this point no matter what.”

If only Ezekiel thought about this before using all of the other coins.

The other thing about prophecies are that they show you a moment, without context. The flash forward didn’t show Jones, Stone and Baird attacking but charging. It happened, so prophecy fulfilled. Then the captain of the swim team stops them, it wasn’t really outside interference.

The twist that they were inside the blue cube was very good, but it was really suspicious that we never met the cleaning lady in any of the flashbacks. As she was the only female with speaking lines when Jenkins kept on about the Oracle of Delphi made it kind of obvious. Not that it was important to the story.

So Baird is going to change the fate of the library, and her early demise would release enough power to break the prophecy about the Oracle of Delphi’s death. I think that was the crux of the plan. I know that Eve has been nagging her librarians this season about them fulfilling their potential, so is this is what is going to happen?


Quick Hits:

  • Who else is up for a web series called “Fun with Baird”?
  • At least the Reaper wasn’t grim.
  • I’m guessing that there are 17 students in the swim team.
  • Prophecy isn’t really worse than Time Travel, they are kind of the same.
  • Ezekiel Jones is the worst weapons master ever. Stone’s face said it all.
  • I liked how they sneaked in that the Oracle married all of her priestesses.
  • That scene in Australia, ouch! I think that they ran out of blue screen budget.


And Finally…

Cribbing the words of the great prophetess Susan Ivanova:

Jenkins is always right.

I will listen to Jenkins.

I will not ignore Jenkins’ recommendations.

Jenkins is Immortal.