The government are offered a deal to placate the Dominators. Felicity and Cisco go on an excellent adventure, while Martin has daddy issues.


Barry really messed things up didn’t he. Flashpoint got the attention of The Dominators who don’t particularly like meta-humans. So he didn’t just make ripples in the timeline, he caused an almost Earth invasion as well. If this was Oliver, we would get self-loathing for at least a season, but with it being Barry everything will be sunny and light in a couple of episodes.

Martin’s daughter, in theory as there is plenty of timey wimey going on, is an aberration caused by Dr Stein meeting himself in the past. He tries to distance himself from her but fails miserably, thanks Caitlin, as he doesn’t want to get emotionally involved. As he said himself, unlike The Flash he can fix his mistakes.

That does raise an interesting question. Could the Legends go back and stop Barry from creating the Flashpoint timeline? That moment in time is getting pretty crowded as it is, but what could go wrong. The other thing to think about is if the original timeline is restored then the big bad of this season, Reverse Flash, doesn’t mess around with Damien Dhark.

If there is one thing I have learned from watching Legends of Tomorrow, it is that time shouldn’t be messed around with. Cisco who has been rightly peeved off with Barry gets to see this from the other side. Let’s be honest, if Barry could go back and save Cisco’s brother he would in a heartbeat. However, the best of intentions have a way of messing things up.

So The Dominators wanted to kill all of the meta-humans. It was interesting when they said that it would kill two million people. I know that that they aren’t metas, but is that the number of potential meta humans out there?

It did all get resolved really quickly with a roof top fight, and loads of running around by both Supergirl and The Flash. The Dominators feel a little pain and off home they go a running. The thorn and the lion really.

And finally, I have no idea what Oliver’s beef with Supergirl was all about. Everyone likes Kara, even Mick. In the first part it was everyone train against Supergirl and she was useful to the team, and then suddenly it was I don’t trust you. What did she do to become persona non grata? Just made no sense, and it wasn’t as if she missed out on anything.


Quick Hits:

  • I should have mentioned this last week, but the previous episode of Legends of Tomorrow was the 200th within the Arrowverse.
  • Steel’s costume. Really silly. Get Cisco do a redesign.
  • Tech Support to the rescue!
  • Would anyone watch a web series about the misadventures of Felicity, Cisco, and Winn?
  • Mick’s reaction “Great. Saved by geeks.” He’s turned the grumpiness up to eleven and I am loving it.
  • It would have been cool if Linda Carter would have been the new president. Maybe that was a geekout too far.
  • Of course there was going to be a group hug. Even Oliver gets overwhelmed by all that niceness.
  • Of course Supergirl looks like Ray’s cousin!
  • Kara gets a crossover do hickey. She knows what to do when she wants ice cream.


And Finally…

I enjoyed these past three episodes, it was more character moments than pure unadulterated invasion action. The Dominators were underused, and went away far too easily, but Supergirl is now a fully-fledged member of the Arrowverse family.