Do I really need to spell this out? A rag tag bunch of rebel scum steal the plans for the Death Star. For more details, watch the opening crawl of the original Star Wars film.


Today is a public holiday for us Sci Fi fans. A new Star Wars is among us, and after taking a day off work, I popped around to my local cinema and gave it a quick watch.

If The Force Awakens is an updated version of the original Star Wars film, this is a love letter to that film. I know that Rogue One is technically a standalone film, but in reality it has to act as a prequel to episode four. It does this really well and there is a large part of me that just wants to finish this and watch A New Hope.

There are a number of nods and winks to the original film, the biggest is the return of Grand Moff Tarkin. It is over twenty years since Peter Cushing sadly passed away, and yet there was a believable (not perfect) facsimile of his face on another actor’s body. I guessing that is how they did it. Made me smile, and it wasn’t even for a cameo either.

There are cameos a plenty in this film, and I probably didn’t get half of them on the first watch. Some even from the original trilogy. You probably know about them already.

I’m now going to get into trouble for saying this, but I had one problem with this film. I just couldn’t get invested in the new characters. Maybe I’m old and too much of a fanboy of the original film, but I felt that the heroes went from one set piece to the next. There were plenty of rousing speeches, but I never felt a connection to these rebels.

This was meant to be a war film, but watch a decent one from the past and you’ll see it peppered with small character moments which make you care for them individually and as a team. Did Rogue One really have those moments?

I’m not saying that this was either a bad, or unenjoyable film. I actually think the opposite, it is a great film which I enjoyed and will probably watch a second time at the cinema. I may think differently on a second viewing, but for now this is how I feel.


Quick Hits:

  • Blue milk sighting.
  • K-2SO is what you get if you mix the personality of C-3P0 with the programing of Kryten.
  • “It’s a trap”, check. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”, not quite.
  • It made sense having the Death Star upside down, but it still looked wrong.
  • How many Imperial officers have you ever seen with a designer beard? Wouldn’t he have stood out?
  • I expected more to happen at Canary Wharf.
  • Biggest nerd out from the film for me. “Gold leader standing by.” And “Red leader standing by.”
  • We also find out how the opening came about for Red 5.
  • One question lingering at the back of my brain was why there were no capital ships on the rebel side during the battle of Yavin. I know why.


And Finally…

Rogue One folds in quite neatly into the beginning of a New Hope. If you will excuse me, can you guess what I’m about to do.