In the one hundredth episode Oliver, Thea, Sara, Ray and Diggle are captured by the Dominators and put in a simulation of the perfect world. The rest of the team are trying to find them with a little help from their friends.


So, in the perfect world, Oliver would have been engaged to Laurel. The Queen’s would all still be alive, and all would be right with Star City with Diggle as the Hood. Felicity would still be helping the vigilante while being engaged with Ray. Oh, and Sara wouldn’t have run off with Oliver.

I think that just about covers it.

I didn’t realise until I watched the previously package at the beginning of the episode that everyone that was kidnapped were from the Arrow side of the universe.

To a certain extent this episode was a reminder of the greatest hits, which is something that you really want for a milestone. They crammed in as many returnees as they could, even rolling out a collection of villains. This allowed them to rollout one of their patented artistic fight sequences.

The greatest hit of them all was of course the return of Laurel Lance. I’m not going to as far as to say that I miss the character, but her death has been the jumping point for so much narrative. Oliver beginning to kill again, Sara’s crusade against Damien Darhk, Diggle having his military misadventures, and Speedy giving up her crossbow. It was nice to see so many characters back for one night only, but the legend of the Black Canary is an emotional core of the show.

The one misstep was Thea’s reluctance at leaving this alternative reality. I don’t have a problem with her wanting to stay, but the pacing was off. I would have liked to have the conversation between Thea and Oliver earlier in the episode. Then have Thea talk to her mother, realising that she has moved on and then move to the villain confrontation.

The problem is, we go from an emotional scene where you could think we are saying goodbye to Thea to five seconds later changing her mind for no reason. Her reluctance would be true to her character, it’s the reason why she gave up being Speedy. She just had enough. Just make me care.

As for the B storyline, just something to keep people occupied. This was really about looking back at what was lost.


Quick Hits:

  • Isn’t it interesting that one particular recruit just doesn’t happen to around during an alien invasion.
  • Doesn’t Wild Dog realise that Kara arrived after the Dominators?
  • Your new world tag team champions, Supergirl and The Flash.
  • I like John Barrowman (shaking fist), but I don’t miss Malcolm Merlyn at all.
  • In the villain standoff all that we were missing from a complete set was Ra’s al Ghul.
  • Did Sara get any closure from killing off fake Damien Darhk?
  • Or What about Thea killing her father?
  • Of course, they were on a spaceship Felicity. It’s not as if they had a secret lair on Earth.


And Finally…

The episode ends with the baton passed onto the Waverider. Just in time for the last part of the crossover event.