The Dominators arrive on Earth to you know, dominate. Barry calls some friends to help Central City.


When I watched the opening with The Flash and Arrow coming out from cover and seeing the other heroes, part of me was thinking that they were being saved not that it was leading to a confrontation. I think the cold open going into “insert time earlier” has gotten a little overused in recent years, but for once I got something which was different to what I was expecting.

Having this episode really concentrate on our heroes was a good choice. With the Legends, Team Arrow, and Supergirl joining Team Flash there were over a dozen characters needing screen time. Having this episode about them, gave most of them something to do, there were a few one to one moments which really fleshes out the Arrowverse.

MVP for this first part was Supergirl, sorry Skirt (copyright Mick Rory). I sometimes forget, that the only two with actual superpowers are Kara and Barry. The rest are vigilantes in a good sense. However, Skirt is by far and away the most powerful person on the team and it is good to just know that.

There were a couple of moments though with the big three (Arrow, Flash and Supergirl), was I the only one who thought of a certain other DC universe big three? And I’m not even a comic book fanboy.

In normal Flash news, we got the return of the over protective and dominating Iris. I know that everyone cares for Wally, but didn’t they act differently when Jesse wanted to be trained? Wally needs to be left to find his own future. Support him, or leave him alone. The more you tell him that he cannot be something the more he will want it.

And let’s be honest, him helping against Team Whammy was cool. Yes, he did get his backside handed to him quite quickly but that was by Skirt, but she had been handing out quite a bit of backside during the training.

I sometimes wonder if anyone in the Arrowverse ever learns from what has happened in the past.

So the big secret is out about Flashpoint, and all of the changes are laid bare. People are generally peeved. Diggle finds out that he has lost a daughter, Dr Stein has gained one. Sara missed the mark when having a go at Barry. He didn’t have anyone there to stop him when he decided to change the timeline, didn’t she have friends who helped her?

The sneaky part of me thinks that the message from future Flash was sent back to ensure that Oliver and Barry didn’t fall into the trap. Someone had to be there to stop our whammied bunch of heroes. It smells of being contrived.

Anyway, the hero on hero fighting was interesting, and kept the Dominators out of the equation for an episode which is probably helping with the CGI budget. Anyway off to Arrow, where the Best Teamup Ever (copyright Felicity) are split in two and are in deep do do.


Quick Hits:

  • No suit for Wally, but at least he has HR.
  • I knew that it was Felicity who contacted the Legends.
  • No newbies allowed. There had to be a cut off line somewhere.
  • Why say that the traveller has been taken, when you immediately say that it was the president. The code word is there for a reason.
  • Am I the only person who would love to see Supergirl giving Spartan a lift?
  • Yo Diggle, you would have had a daughter instead of a son. I don’t think it came across right in the dialogue. I know that Barry said it explicitly, but it was still confusing.
  • I keep on forgetting it, but Skirt is pretty much invincible.


And Finally…

After the whole speech about calling Kara Skirt. He asks Supergirl for help at the first sign of trouble. You’re letting the side down Mick.