Eliza Danvers visits her daughters for Thanksgiving, while a biological attack kills all of the aliens at the bar.


So the first part of the great Arrowverse crossover starts without the crossover. Kind of makes sense as this is a separate part of the multiverse.

For some reason I thought that there was another episode before the Christmas break, so it makes sense that all of the main storylines are tied up neatly in a bow. Alex and Maggie are now a couple, J’onn is back to being a jolly green Martian, and Cadmus is defeated.

I like having Eliza around, she fixed up J’onn and Mon-El, and even made her famous cranberry thingamy for Thanksgiving. I’m not saying that she is a convenient plot device, no not at all.

The chats between mothers and daughters mirrored each other. While Eliza showed nothing but care and understanding when Alex comes out, Lillian more or else tells Lena that she is never going to be good enough. The contrasting parenting styles explain how each of the families act. Lena Luthor is suspicious, and only trusts herself while Alex is just cool.

Now, I’m not the head of a shadowy organisation trying to get rid of all aliens. However, I’m going to be very suspicious if my daughter suddenly becomes all Luthor. At least I would have double checked the rocket to make sure that it would work before blowing it up. Maybe Lillian loves Lena after all.

The big revelation in this episode is that Medusa was a biological weapon created by Kara’s father as a doomsday weapon to kill off alien invaders. Kara’s parents are like Mama Luthor, they’re afraid of aliens and see them as some less.

Kara has spent most of her life with aliens and accepts them for who they are. This acceptance is her superpower (which ties in nicely with the Flash as HR put it, Barry’s power isn’t speed, but hope), and maybe it is rubbing off on Lena.


Quick Hits:

  • I hadn’t noticed before that Kara’s flat is on the corner of “Hope”. Well the opening shot says do.
  • Kara Danvers sneaky!!! No Alex Danvers is sneaky going to the ice box to get the hard liquor while her sister wasn’t looking.
  • Monopoly, couldn’t you have gone with something better? Next time I’ll bring Settlers of Catan with me.
  • Nothing says action more than David Harewood on David Harewood action.
  • Nothing like almost getting yourself killed to make you tell a girl that you like her.
  • Beautiful spaceship, but I’m afraid to ask what Mon-El has done this time.


And Finally…

Of course it was Barry and Cisco who were opening up the portals. This story will continue on The Flash.