In this episode, Mia and Hester lead a breakout form the silo. Karen exposes her secret to Athena Morrow to ask her a favour.


Karen and Hester agree that they ned to do what feels right. For a number of characters, what felt right was finding an ending, and in some cases that ending was quite tragic.

Let’s begin with Odi shall we? There wasn’t really anywhere left to go for him unfortunately. In a world where a simple factory reset can kill your consciousness, suicide is easy. They may look like adults, but Synths with awareness are children. Mattie abandoned him, and he couldn’t find his place in the newly awakened world. Odi just wanted to go back to how things were.

Karen is on the opposite end of the spectrum from Odi. She still sees herself as a Synth and just wants to be more human. Her visiting Athena seemed quite contrived as her consciousness can be moved, but it cannot be put into a more perishable body.

If there is a truth from this season it is that Synths need to be somewhere in between Odi and Karen. They aren’t human, yet they aren’t lifeless either. Acting human may make them more palatable, but would they be true to themselves? Two characters I think have already figured this out, Max and Pete.

I’m going to miss Pete almost as much as Karen will. He accepted Karen for who she is and loved her for it. He didn’t want her to pretend to be human, but to be true to herself.  He may have failed in his attempt to talk down Hester, but hopefully he has stopped Karen from doing something silly.

Oh and Hester must die in the most horrible way.

Sometimes there is nothing more true than words that come out of children, and Renie hearing why Sophie wants to act like a Synth, are exactly her own reasons. It was right for Toby to be concerned after she left chez Hawkins, but she’ll be fine.

The escaping Synths coming out of the silo is something we’ve seen in other things and normally them being out in the day light signifies their rebirth. For so many it means their death which was saddening. The interesting thing will be how it affects the Synths and what they will do next.

Quick Hits:

  • I’m going to say this again but Mattie is a bad mother.
  • How come Niska was found by Laura in about five minutes, but the authorities couldn’t? Yes, Laura made a boo boo, but it wasn’t that difficult to find Astrid.
  • I’m happy that all Niska wants to do is spend her time being happy with Astrid.
  • Max seems to be having more success at saving Synths than Leo. Let’s all wave hello to Hubert and Connie.
  • So, it wasn’t a tracker that they placed in Hester and Mia.
  • Oh, Hester must die.

And Finally…

You must be deceased, please accept my condolences. Made me laugh out loud.