In this episode the Legends break out their cowboy suits to help Jonah Hex. Meanwhile, Dr Stein is getting visions of a woman he doesn’t know.


The wild west and the action aren’t instrumental to this episode. It screams filler that doesn’t really matter. However, we have the opportunity here to see where most of the members of the team are. Shall we go around the group, starting with our glorious leader.

Sara Lance is still growing into the role of leader. She still isn’t confident on what to do when her plans goes awry, and let’s be honest has there ever been a Legends plan which worked? However, she is beginning to accept that she can’t change everything, and that makes her more focused.

Vixen seems to be accepting her place in the team. There wasn’t even one comment about how bad they were this week. She spent some quality time with Mick which was interesting. She sees through his façade and is wanting to help him.

I’m starting to feel sorry for Heat Wave. He’s the last criminal on the team, and he doesn’t know he fits into the team or even if he wants to be part of it. He is in his element in the salon drinking, playing cards, with a lady of questionable morals on his arm. Is it really surprising that he becomes friendly with Quentin Turnbull?

Nate wants to be unleashed from the library, now that he has superpowers. He wants to be a man of action, rather than looking through books researching stuff. However, he is starting to realise that he needs to be both. He also has a new costume, which he got from his mentor…

Ray has been going on the opposite journey to Nate. He’s accepted that he can still be a hero without having his super suit. Yes, he now has quite a supply of dwarf star so it would be safe to say that the suit will be making a comeback. He also can probably start a line in motivational speeches if this whole hero thing doesn’t work out.

And finally Firestorm. Actually, there is nothing to see here, Jax didn’t really do anything whilst Martin is having his visions. Martin’s theory makes quite a bit of sense, but does it have to be a new wife.

This episode seemed to be about everyone catching their breath. It was entertaining, but it felt like there was something big around the corner.


Quick Hits:

  • Even the whore had a gun, classic.
  • I wouldn’t have Sara’s patience as every week people are surprised that she is the captain. I would have gone medieval on someone by now.
  • Was there any Western cliché left undone in this episode?
  • Why would Quentin Turnbull leave the futuristic scanner lying there in the mine?
  • I know that Quentin kept on calling her boy, but was Sara’s disguise really that good? After the salon brawl I would unmask anyone who turns up. Especially, if they have “captured” Jonah Hex.
  • So how exactly do you get in contact with the Waverider? Was it Felicity, you know that if someone had a direct line it would be her.


And Finally…

They get a call saying that they are needed in 2016. Crossover alert!