A new vigilante is in town, going old school a bunch of bank robbers. Thea helps Quentin face his demons.


I like the dynamic in this episode between Oliver and Team Arrow 2.0.  The recruits (Felicity’s words not mine) can do the grunt work with Diggle and then the Green Arrow can appear for the big moments. We’re getting to see more of Oliver Queen which is a good thing, and now he even has a friend who isn’t a vigilante.

It is really clever what they’ve done with Susan Williams. Without the scene from a couple of weeks ago where she gets the picture of Oliver in Russia, she comes across as nothing more than a love interest. This has got to be a long con, and I’m interested on where we are going with this.

Talking on people not being what they seem, Evelyn is working with Prometheus. That was a bit of a shocker. It also means that Prometheus already knew the identity of the Arrow before Church told him. Poor, poor, Tobias Church, so out of his depth.

You will notice that it has taken me four paragraphs to talk about this week’s villain Vigilante. Not that he wasn’t interesting, but haven’t we dealt with Oliver questioning his tactics for saving Star City before? Oliver used to be Vigilante, taking justice into his own hands. However, he now trusts the system, and in his day job he is the system.

We’ve had Oliver not trusting people and keeping secrets already this season. I sometimes feel that as a character he is going around in circles. He’s like Quentin always going back to old habits when things get difficult.

And speaking of Quentin, he finally admits that he needs help to get over his daughter’s passing. The shadow of Laurel’s death still hangs over the show, and it has been good to see Thea playing the role of honorary daughter so far this season. With Thea not being a member of Team Arrow, it’ll be interesting what they do with her next as Quentin will be away for a while.


Quick Hits:

  • It seems that they have run out of villain names. Next week Arrow will be taking on Swiper the thief.
  • I’m sorry but the stick fighting look far too much like the stick version of Morris Dancing.
  • The truth is nothing more than a matter of perspective. Is there a better lesson learnt from 2016?
  • Does every bar in the Arrowverse have a pool table?
  • Oliver Queen the optimist. Huh?
  • Even stylishly fighting in front of a bright window doesn’t quite hide the body doubles used in the flashback fight.
  • If I worked for the SCPD, I would never go out the back door. Or maybe all deliveries have to around the back?
  • Still feels weird having John Junior not Sara.
  • I’m I the only one into the budding bromance between John and Rene?


And Finally…

Am I allowed to say that I enjoyed Dolph Lundgren chewing the scenery in the flashback?