This week Wally says hello to the speed force, whilst Caitlin embraces her dark side.

Since the preview of Killer Frost at the end of the first season, we’ve been waiting for Caitlin to turn into her dark persona. Yes, we met young Frosty on Earth 2, but it didn’t mean that we weren’t going to get our version. With this season’s slow burn, we finally got to see Killer Frost take on Team Flash. Kind of.

For the last season and a bit, the character of Caitlin Snow has been in a holding pattern. Let’s be honest, she’s been under developed, under used, and become boring. All we’ve had is sad Caitlin, the one moping around because her boyfriend/husband/person she once bumped into, has either died or been the big bad. At last Danielle Panabaker gets the opportunity to be centre of attention and she runs with it.

This version of Killer Frost lives up to her name, we don’t have the sexualised version from Earth 2, but one who knows exactly where what to do to cause the most damage to her friends. It is easy to get caught up with the popsicle kiss, but she effectively drove an icicle between Barry and Cisco’s friendship. Also knowing exactly where to stab Flash so that he can’t go after her is so Caitlin, and so much her flaw.

You see, Killer Frost hasn’t taken over yet, and Caitlin won’t kill Barry, so the episode ends with many hugs. Because, it is The Flash and that is how these episodes should end. We also have that big crossover event happening next time, and everything needs to be paused for that. Eventually, we all know that frosty will be back. So, be cool people, be cool.

The rift in the friendship between Barry and Cisco isn’t the only Killer Frost related messing around in this episode. Julian recognises Caitlin and blackmails Barry into quitting his job in return for his silence. Julian has a point that Barry’s moral compass but…

Julian is Doctor Alchemy! Is anyone really surprised about this? You have a secret identity to reveal and there is only one new character running around and lo and behold they are the same. I know that there are budget constraints (if you aren’t sure just watch the CGI sequences again), but didn’t they do this last season as well. Yes, Julian seems to be reluctant in helping the self-proclaimed speed god, so all may be not lost.

Quick Hits:

• The Wally storyline seems to be nothing more than welcome to Team Flash. Again, we couldn’t have him still cocooned for the crossover next week.

• Was I the only one who smiled when Flash punched Julian? For so many reasons.

• That dramatic pause before the acolyte says “Killer Frost” seemed very over the top. Everyone knows what Caitlin’s alter ego is called.

• It would have been funny if he had said any other name instead.

• HR the ideas man, I’m starting to like. HR the man. Just punch him already Joe.

• Caitlin’s anti-power cuffs seem to have already been streamlined. If this whole superhero thing doesn’t work out for Cisco, he can always move into the world of fashion.

And Finally…

Always trust Joe’s gut.